Wrath Of Yeezy: Photo Gallery Of Kanye’s Paparazzi Spazz-Out

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6 Kanye knocked up a Kardashian by accident and forgot how to smile. Between Hov cheating on their friendship with Justin Timberlake, Ray-J’s scorned baby mama antics and the endless slander of Kimmy’s Mrs. Doubtfire-inspired dress, Ye’s had the worst year ever that only grew worse when he walked into an L.A. street sign. Here’s a photo gallery of Yeezy’s now infamous paparazzi hissy fit. Take a look.
1 “My girl a superstar all from a home movie” – Kanye, who then proceeded to impregnate that infamous home movie superstar and walk directly into street signs. His once enviable life? Miserable. Photo credit: WENN
2 God forgives, the internet don’t. BKDZBFqCQAAo6iX Worst. Year. Ever. Photo credit: Twitter
3 “This silly white ho got me running into street signs in broad a$$ daylight. When this baby I don’t really want come, I’m out”
4 “Beyonce would’ve never let Hov smash into a street sign in public. No "babe look out!" Nuthin! Kimmy gotta go” Photo credit: Instagram
5 Yeezy never walked into street signs when he was with Amber Rose. Just sayin.
6 At some point, a Black man wearing all leather everything in scorching L.A. heat will spazz on everyone (and everything). Science. Photo credit: Instagram
7 Kimmy K. ruined Kanye’s life. Photo credit: Instagram
N32HOne Kanye West. Greatest swirl casualty ever? Photo credit: Twitter

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