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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Pics From J’adore Magazine F-Listed

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  • Mary J Blige

    does Oprah think those girls will use those phones to call her?LMAFAO! if i was a South African teenage girl with my first mobile phone I would be calling them village boys to come over to the school for their first taste

  • Mary J Blige

    i can’t believe i even did a song with that murderer Cassidy. let him rot in that 5×5 cell

  • MahoganyRouge

    If Marni Bright looks just like Kim Mathers, then dating Marshall (eminem) is probablt not a good idea because he is not over his ex and may never be.

  • Bankable P

    What about Eqypt says Kardishin?? I think they painted her skin to make it look darker or something!

  • Anonymous3

    this Broad is ridiculous…she wants to be treated respectfully but everytime you turn around she is bent over or stretched out in a bathing suit (or not) giving the camera man her best smoldering look…

  • Bankable P

    @ pink vodka


  • Marquis de Sade

    Any Image of Kim Kardashian = Automatic scorn from angry black women. Pavlovian Response indeed

  • me

    hey Marquis, don’t generalize please. i’m a black woman who feels so scorn or anger when her picture is posted. not all of us care enough to muster any reaction.

  • Angie

    i like kim but its obvious that photo has been doctored a lot..then again..a lot of ppl have doctored photos.

    smh at cassidy..why have all the rappers gettin into trouble lately?

    poor j lo.. lmfao

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ Me

    Sorry. Only 99.8% of black angry women hates Kim.

    Me and Angie are the only black angry women that are the exceptions.

  • Cynthai

    This is the second photoshoot where they have made Kim darker than what she is. What’s really good. J’Adore, isn’t that Vivica’s magazine? What is she even on it? What is Black people’s obsession with her? All the struggling actresses in hollywood and they get Kim on the cover. Vivica needs to be slapped.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Kim is on the cover because she’s BOOTYFUL

  • Van

    To White people…

    What’s interesting to me is that a long time ago,White people used to critize Black women for having big asses. And Now,since it’s the new thing you are glorifying it now that white women have asses! I just don’t understand this. Black women have always had beautiful butts and natural full lips. You even criticized that too. Big Lips! It’s in our genes! I simply don’t like how American Media exploits this woman. She gets no kudos from me. Trash and filfth runs in this woman’s family.

    Konojo ga totemo baka desu! Suki ja nai!

  • Kevin

    @hater are stans too…..

    Who are you again?

  • Carlos

    @ hater are stans too….

    Kevin and a few others are all over this site trying to start beefs…Why, I have no idea. Kevin, get a life.

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