Blind Fury: 10 Greatest Celebrity Spazz-Outs On The Paparazzi

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tupac-spitting-at-camera Fame is the greatest and worst thing ever in celeb-obsessed America. With the glamour and glitz, comes endless scrutiny, hatred and ruthless paparazzi stalkers. Celebrity privacy? Doesn’t exist, which explains the legendary spazz-outs on this list. Here are the greatest celebrity spazz-outs on the paparazzi ever. Take a look.
6 Kanye West Yeezy walked directly into a street sign and spazzed out on the paparazzi because A) Kimmy K. ruined his life and B) he was wearing tight leather pants in the scorching L.A. heat.
tupac-spitting-at-camera 2pac If there’s any picture that embodies Pac’s entire “Thug Life” movement, it’s this.
britney_2007_girlstalkingsmack-502x549 Britney Spears A DMX-high Brit-Brit assaulted a photog's SUV with an umbrella during a late-night creep to ex-husband Kevin Federline’s house.
e8714b53-ef27-4a54-a7b9-8a4335132d59_Justin-Bieber-fight-lashes-out-paparazzi-london-photographer Justin Bieber The teeny-bop heartthrob-turned-“misguided” hoodrat tried to put tender paws on the paparazzi and failed terribly because he’s Justin Bieber.
paparazzi-5 Halle Berry Hollywood’s most beautiful crazy person snapped when she spotted paparazzi outside of her daughter’s school.
justin-timberlake_irockon-498x747 Justin Timberlake JT seems too cool and sensitive to fight but looked ready to throw hands and get beat up.
5569278_winehouse_angry_at_paparazzi_05_wenn1887945 Amy Winehouse The legendary soulstress was always wasted or high (or both) and probably would’ve beaten these photogs bloody in her ballet slippers had no one restrained her. RIP.
wenn David Beckham Most gentlemanly “Move b*tch”-shove ever. Photo credit: Wenn
0,,19164904-EXH,00 Lily Allen She’s always been a poor, crippled, deaf woman’s Amy Winehouse and blanked out when a thirsty photog crashed into the back of her car. Photo credit: Instagram
alec-baldwin-fight-with-photographer-600x442 Alec Baldwin After 20+ years of paparazzi harassment, the most famous and successful Baldwin finally SNAPPED.

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