Angry Bird Beef: Keyshia Cole’s Mama Frankie Says She Dissed BeyBey Out Of Boredom “Shout Out To Michelle, Beyonce And Deez Nuts!”

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Keyshia’s crusty mama explains why the bi-racial bird went IN on Beyonce and Destiny’s Child….

Keyshia Cole’s Mom Frankie Explains Why She Dissed Beyonce

Keyshia’s mother Frankie has been doing some interviews for season two of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and spoke up for Keyshia when she was asked why she decided to go after Bey and Michelle Williams.

Frankie said Keyshia only took shots out of boredom and her favorite R&B group is actually Destiny’s Child…

Via WRUG Media:

“Sometimes she gets bored. She didn’t mean no harm. Actually, it was a compliment. because Michelle did keep up. But she did say I’m not Frankie’s Child, I’m Destiny’s Child. Shout out to Keyshia. But my baby gon’ get that Grammy. Shout out to Michelle, Beyonce, and what’s the other one’s name? Deez nuts! I’m just playing. Shout out to Destiny’s Child. Y’all did a wonderful job.

“And Keyshia didn’t mean no harm. Y’all just gotta give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s married. Sometimes she gets bored. She has her Kodak moments but when she says something negative, that means it’s positive. That’s how she rolls.

“My baby loves all the celebrities. She loves everybody. Sometimes she has a bad way of showing it, a funny way of showing it. But when she focus on you that means that she loves you and is complimenting you. And I want to be like Keyshia when I grow up. She didn’t mean no harm. She loved it. She make you work. She just ain’t gon’ give you no compliment. You have to catch that and work for it. Keyshia didn’t mean no harm, she loves Destiny’s Child. That really is her favorite group. And the plot thickens.”

Hit the flip for the full interview with crackhead Frankie!

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