New School Ain’t Bad: 10 Classic Rap Albums From The 2000s

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Best Rap Albums Of The 2000s

People say rap is in such a bad place these days. What with all the Chief Keefs and French Montanas running around. But the truth is we've had tons of classics since 2000. So maybe we should stop pointing at what sucks and focus on some of the great albums of our day. Isn't it? So take a look at these 10 classics of the millennium.
tumblr_lp8p5m8S6u1qeqk9io1_500 Kanye West - College Dropout - This is Yeezy's debut and it changed the game. Can't deny it.
tumblr_lsviz1T2jw1qbop9to1_500 Blu And Exile - Below The Heavens - This is an underground classic. If you've never heard of them then change that immediately.
tha_carter_ii Lil Wayne - Carter II - Weezy's mixtapes are always better than his albums but this joint is his best.
cd-cover Young Jeezy - Thug Motivation 101 - Jeezy gave us trap rap in ways people didn't quite get at first. They thought he was just ad-libs and yayo raps. But he's much more.
jay-z-the-blueprint- Jay-Z - The Blueprint - Is this Jay's best album? Maybe. But we can't say it's not one of the best albums ever.
tumblr_m8l1eyJtFJ1qzhucho1_500 Outkast - Stankonia - "B.O.B.," "So Fresh, So Clean," "Mrs. Jackson." Come on, man, these two aren't playing fair.
good+kid+mAAd+city Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid m.a.a.d City - Yes, this came out last year, but it's already a certified classic.
common_be_cover Common - Be - We'd thought Common fell off after that Erykah Badu fiasco. But this brought him back for good. c0137a331866cceba45deee5edef2c3b1 Nas - Stillmatic - Just when we'd thought Jay-Z had ended Nas' career he comes back with his second-best album at that point. Way to rally back.
titrapmuzik_l T.I. - Trap Muzik - T.I. changed the game with this one and never looked back. Can we have that Tip back?

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