Diary Of A Fade: Man Who Dragged Tyler Perry Out The Closet Denies His Gay Goons Attacked Him After Getting Face Slashed Up!

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tylerlee Controversial social media star Walter Lee Hampton outed Tyler Perry as gay and then was brutally attacked!

Man Is Attacked After Calling Tyler Perry Gay

After accusations were made that Tyler Perry is a down-low brotha and that he turned his back on the Black Gay Community the controversial man behind the video was savagely attacked! Hampton took to YouTube outing the director and then turned up with a gash on his face that required 120 stitches. Walter is now denying that Tyler Perry’s (gay) Illuminati goons z-formation snapped all over his face... Via Facebook:
“I suffer a injury from a glass door falling on me…..DID THE DOOR ATTACK ME???” “TYLER PERRY outed himself YEARS AGO. That man was out at the GAY clubs Dancing on the Speakers >>>YEARS before i was. You can NOT be in the closet and OUT DANCING at TRAXX!!..give me a break!!!…..and you hateful punks got the NERVE to be mad….WHY?????…TYLER PERRY OUTED HIS DAMN SELF YEARS AGO!!!!”
t4 Doesn't he sound like a battered wife? Hit the flip to see more photos of from the fade as well as the Youtube video that started the whole gay debacle.... CNM
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