The Side Eye: John Legend’s Fiance Chrissy Teigen Says She Has So Much Anxiety Over Her Upcoming Wedding That She Has To Take Medication

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jon and chrissy

Chrissy, girl John hasn’t set a wedding date yet. That’s a bad sign. Maybe your anxiety comes from knowing that your fairytale wedding is doomed.

John Legend’s Fiance Gets Anxiety Over Wedding

According to NY Daily News

Chrissy Teigen needs wedding Xanax. “I have such bad anxiety that sometimes I don’t believe I’ve even taken the pill in the morning!” she said at a bridal shower thrown by Gillette Venus, which she endorses. Though Teigen and John Legend haven’t announced a wedding date, she seems likely to let that, and other details, slip sooner or later. “John had to pull me aside — and he’s never done this in our entire relationship — and he told me, ‘You need to learn how to answer this question; just say no,’ ” Teigen said.

So much anxiety for your average beard. John, how you doing?


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