The Beyonce Wars: "Jennifer Hudson Made Beyonce Look Like a Pretty Extra"

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The media and critics are taking a clear side in the “Beyonce Wars” and they have crowned Jennifer Hudson as deserving of the most shine in the highly anticipated movie Dreamgirls.

NY Post is now jumping on the Jennifer Hudson bandwagon with the headline: DREAMGIRL AND IT’S NOT BEYONCE: HOW AN ‘IDOL’ LOSER STEALS THE HOTTEST FILM OF THE SEASON. They say Hudson was so talented in Dreamgirls that she made Beyonce look like a “pretty extra’.

After being promiscuously promoted and sometimes thrown down the throat of the public with aggressive marketing, people seem to be getting sick of Beyonce, the media critics seem to be a little late that Beyonce is not all that. And to the Beyonce cult member stans out there, everyone who thinks Beyonce and her weaves are tired are not haters, they may just be a little more objective and independent minded. Could the “mainstream media” be turning against Beyonce because she told Blender magazine “I make BLACK MUSIC”?

Come on Ms. Hudson, “SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT”!

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