Pure Comedy: 20 Funniest Men On (Black) Twitter

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al Twitter is one of the greatest inventions ever where the witty, clever and illiterate come to laugh, network, tell ALL their business to complete strangers and slander everything, randomly, for free. First, we showcased the funniest ladies in Twitter Negronia and now the hilarious fellas. lunch kris36 blu Here are the 20 funniest dudes on (Black) Twitter. Take a look.
dra @DragonflyJonez
freshx @FreshAIG
rick @_Rickeh
kris2 @IAMKRIS24
desx @Desusnice
ckgcc @The_Lion_
alexlast @CouldBeAlex (formerly @iDisrespectHoez)
ill @iLL__WiLLL
j2 @JeauxAlejandro
fury2 @KidFury
brick @LunchGod (formerly @Brick_James)
xd @theXDExperience
bbbbbb @Bbillions
al @alneeZy
ghost @GhostwritaMusic
cerrr @CerromeRussell
way @wayno119
blu @Blueraydre
cos2 @TheCosby
nile @InEyeAleE
desus2 BONUS GEMS krisx lg alex4 lionx rickxxxxxx drago fresh jo bb cerr45 lion2 billz gho2 rickeh gcgc Photo credit: Twitter

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