Tom Joyner Says Beyonce Was Crying At Inauguration Cause She is Stuck With Jay-Z

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Tom Joyner allegedly is calling out the “Thug Lovin Beyonce” for her crying performance when she sang to the first lady and our President:

Tom said that this whole experience is probably going to make a difference with a bunch of folks because they are going to want to do better. Tom then asked him what he thought about all of the inauguration activities. Earthquake said that he loved everything about them but that he noticed that other people were clearly rethinking their choices as well. He said “when Beyonce was crying, she wasn’t crying because of the inauguration itself, she was crying about the fact that she is stuck with a thug.” He said “she knows that she doesn’t have someone like Barack and she was……just looking around thinking about the choices that she’s made.” He said “she should take a cue from JLo and leave the thugs alone. JLo knew what to do.” After they came back from the song, Tom and Jay Anthony Brown were laughing and Tom said that he isn’t going to be able to listen to the “put a ring on it” song or any other Beyonce song the same way again because of what Earthquake said. Tom said “Earthquake had a point and Beyonce was probably crying a bit because it’s no longer ‘in’ to have a thug on your arm.” He said “it’s cool to have someone with an education. Degrees are ‘in’ again and Beyonce looked at her mate and started to cry because she knew that she was never going to be Michelle or by like Michelle.” Jay started laughing and his laughter continued in the background while Tom kept talking. He said “she has GOT to be thinking twice about that ‘put a ring on it’ song.” He said “all of that goes out the window now and she wants to take all of that stuff back. I mean, she’s crying, looks to her side, starts crying even more and says to herself ‘I’m never going to be like Michelle, I’m never going to be in the White House as The First Lady and I’m never going to win an Oscar as long as I am with this thug.'”

Lord have mercy. SMH



  • nubn



  • Ebony


  • nubn

    Beyonce has issues.

    cant talk in public

    no brains all looks

    Im not a hater, just being real

    camel + sasha fierce? seriously?

  • Peenut

    This nigga is crazy

  • sexi

    FIRST! Jay is paid. She aint gotta cry

  • sexi

    damn! so late

  • Oshie

    Tom Joyner is an idiot.

    Everyone cried at the inauguration for different reasons. I cried because my ice cream cone fell in the dirt. Beyonce was probably crying because she could find her tampon string. It’s ok girl, it happens to the best of us.

  • RipLady

    First!!! Well I’m sure she’s still happy about marrying Jay, if not oh well it’s her life.

  • hope4more

    Not a fan of Bey but this is sort of harsh. Not everyone has to be a Harvard graduate to be sucessful. T.I. got into some trouble and he seems to be trying to change. It’s all about change man now.

  • TeeTee

    Ummmmm should Donna Richardson be crying that she married Tom Joyner????????????????????????????????????????

  • Angee

    Wow Tom!

  • Education is in

    He’s not alone in that opinion, a lot of people thought she could do better. Love Jay, but B did lose a lot of appeal when she chose to be with the excon and former crack dealer.

  • blackpride09

    wow, its definitely something to think about. But i don’t and never have viewed Jay-Z as a thug. If anything, I’m sure he does have a degree. Jay-Z created his image to sell records.

  • ShavonDenise

    Jay is far from a thug.

  • MissBlaze44

    LMAO at this!!!!!

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