Scrub Love: 7 Celebrities Who Have Chopped Down Sorry Athletes

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Women Dating Sorry Athletes

It seems like every athlete gets a fine woman. It's been true since high school and goes on through the pros. The guys get the girls. And you know what, they don't even have to be that good at their jobs! These athletes managed to chop these women down and they aren't even balling like that. Take a look and enjoy feeling jealous.
Keyshia-Cole-Boobie-Gibson Boobie Gibson and Keyshia Cole - He balled in Cleveland for a bit when he was first with Keyshia but he's a scrub now.
kim-kardashian-kris-humphries-divorce-e1320155613357 Kris and Kim - Kris basically does nothing with the Nets. Nobody is checking for him on the court.
shannon monica smiles Shannon Brown and Monica - He came off the bench for the Lakers and now is hardly doing much. But he still got Monica.
Hosts Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete 14th Annual DesignCare Event Rodney and Holly Robinson Peete - Rodney was a backup QB most of his career. Bet you didn't even know that.
j.j.-barea-zuleyka-rivera JJ Barea and Zuleyka Rivera - She's a world-famous super-model and he's a short scrub for the Timberwolves. At lest he won a title.
Adriana Lima Marko Jaric Marko Jaric and Adrianna Lima - Ever heard of Jaric? Didn't think so. But he's chopping down one of the top-knotch models of all time.
Gabrielle Union BET Honors 2013 Awards in Washington, DC Gabrielle Union and Chris Howard - Gabby was married to this dude for a few years. They were the best years of his life.

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