Two Divorces And 4 Kids Later: The Dream Says Marriage Changes People And That He’d Rather “Get The Milk Without The Cow” Than Be Married

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Sounds like a real keeper, right ladies?

The Dream Says Marriage Changes People

Music industry songwriter and super-producer The Nightmare Dream has been known to dirty-dog his way through his relationships (see: Nivea and Christina Milian), and a recent interview with S2S magazine gave some insight as to exactly why he’s SUCH a gentleman when it comes to marriage. And by gentleman, we mean “worst husband ever.”

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He’s twice divorced, but is super-producer The-Dream scorned by love? He spoke to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about the possibility of walking down the aisle again. Find out what he said in this excerpt from the June 2013 Q&A.

Jamie: Would you get married again?
The-Dream: Of course! I like the idea of it.

I have this book I’m writing about how, as blessed as I am, how I could have a girlfriend; I could have kids with her, chill out and that’s my girl.
We woo-woo-woo, whatever it is, and get all of the same things that you get when you’re married to someone. It probably didn’t work years go, but why get married? What do they say? “Get the milk without the cow.”

Jamie: Right
The-Dream: But that word “marriage” changes who you are. Immediately you’re not that forgiving and it’s just like, “We fought all the time when we were boyfriend and girlfriend and we never broke up.”

You have a good fight when you’re married and it’s like, “I’m out of here. Peace!” It’s like it gets more fragile when it’s supposed to be stronger.

It’s true that marriage isn’t for everyone. But it sounds to us like The Dream just wants to have his cake and eat it too, since two divorces has finally gotten the message through to him that not many women want the legal promise of a commitment in the form of a marriage with a man who isn’t ready, capable or willing to be faithful.

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