What Are You Thinking? 9 Career Moves Lil Wayne Must Have Made While High

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Lil Wayne's Worst Decisions

Lil Wayne is one of the most popular musicians in the world. And we know why: he's a great musician even if he's a bit wacky. However, he's survived some crazy decisions. Actually, he's survived some horrible decisions. These 9 moves are so insanely bad that they would ruin most careers. But not Weezy's. Take a look at these crazy decisions and wonder how he made it.
karrine-and-wayne-21 1. Messing With Superhead - Why is he continuing to mess around with this nasty slore? Nothing good will come of this.
laurenlondon 2. Baby Mommas - He got two women pregnant at the same time and is racking up baby mommas with the quickness.
Wayne Future 3. Emmitt Till Line - He insulted the Till family and didn't back down for a month. By then it was too late.
1362415111_paris-hilton-monica-sims-lil-wayne-lg 4. Signing Paris Hilton - Seriously. Double you tee eff.
lilwaynespectrelaunchmtv 5. Signing Fred Durst - Another signing that didn't make any sense. Dude is just throwing money away.
wayne birdman 6. Seizures - Sure, seizures aren't a decision, but the lifestyle and drank don't help. He has to chill with that stuff.
rick-ross-drake-lil-wayne-dj-khaled 7. Rock and Roll Weezy - Buddy needs to put that guitar down ASAP.
Rockets Heat Basketball 8. Wardrobes - He has the worst clothes ever. Ever. He needs a clothing intervention.
katie weezy 9. Speaking - For real, he should just not do interviews. He never fails to look like a fool.

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