Making It Rain: Ranking The Athletes Who Made The Most Money Off Of You Sneakerheads

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lebron james

Athletes Sneaker Earnings

In case you haven't noticed, sneakers are the biggest thing right now. People are camping outside of malls and stores to get their gear and everyone has a fresh pair. But what shoes are people getting? Are they buying more LeBrons than Jordans this year? More Durants than Kobes? Well, here's revenue earned from shoes sales for each player. Take a look and see who the king of kicks is.
Number one draft pick John Wall NBA John Wall Adidas $5 Million
Dwight-Howard2 Dwight Howard Adidas $5 Million
Derrick Rose 4 Derrick Rose Adidas $25 Million
durant Kevin Durant Nike $35 Million
Carmelo Carmelo Anthony Jordan Brand $40 Million
Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant Nike $50 Million
NIKE_LEBRON_X_3WAY_large LeBron James Nike $300 Million
Michael-Jordan1 Michael Jordan Jordan $2 Billion

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