A Real Snitch on ‘Snitchin’

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Famed Harlem gangster Nicky Barnes, who is played by Cuba Gooding Jr. in American Gangster, has something to say about Cam’ron’s take on snitchin’:

When I realized they left me on the battlefield to die, I said, “F*ck it!” … I said, “I’ll pull those motherf*ckers in, let them see what it’s like.” I would rather be out here in the witness program than to be in jail with them. Why would I wanna be in there with them kinda ni**ers? I don’t regret it. I saw this show on CNN, with Anderson Cooper. Cats were talking about “Don’t snitch, no matter what happens.” Well, I can’t see how a guy can be considered strong if he lets a bunch of a*sholes walk all over him and he doesn’t respond, just because of some code that a bunch of idiots have cooked up. Anderson Cooper asked this rapper, “Suppose a child was molested and you knew who this molester was. Would you tell the police?” He said, “No.” So that’s what I’m sayin’—the street guidelines are just moron bullsh*t.

Is it just us or was the American Gangster movie a let down??? Denzel and Russell Crowe had their acting game on but we were expecting a lot more.



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