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Famed Harlem gangster Nicky Barnes, who is played by Cuba Gooding Jr. in American Gangster, has something to say about Cam’ron’s take on snitchin’:

When I realized they left me on the battlefield to die, I said, “F*ck it!” … I said, “I’ll pull those motherf*ckers in, let them see what it’s like.” I would rather be out here in the witness program than to be in jail with them. Why would I wanna be in there with them kinda ni**ers? I don’t regret it. I saw this show on CNN, with Anderson Cooper. Cats were talking about “Don’t snitch, no matter what happens.” Well, I can’t see how a guy can be considered strong if he lets a bunch of a*sholes walk all over him and he doesn’t respond, just because of some code that a bunch of idiots have cooked up. Anderson Cooper asked this rapper, “Suppose a child was molested and you knew who this molester was. Would you tell the police?” He said, “No.” So that’s what I’m sayin’—the street guidelines are just moron bullsh*t.

Is it just us or was the American Gangster movie a let down??? Denzel and Russell Crowe had their acting game on but we were expecting a lot more.



  • http://www.lovingmeansaol.com 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals

    There’s snitching then, there’s S.N.I.T.C.H.I.N.G!

  • Big Bazz

    cam’ron is not cool, y would ppl want to be like him?

  • http://hollywoodmedics.net Morgan

    Denzel phoned it in. i didn’t feel like he was playing someone, just being himself. I thought the movie was NOT exciting. I was very dissapointed.

  • DJ's MOM

    I agree with DIVA that there are two types of snitches. I hate when people have enjoyed the benefits of their wrongdoing and when they get caught they are ready to rat on everyone. When you are in the game, you need to be able to take the good times with the bad times. Now, when you witness the murder of an innocent person, snitch your a$$ off. I saw AG yesterday and maintain the position that no one can be trusted.

  • IBW- Ideal Black Woman

    Cam’ron is a dumbass and its sad that he displayed his stupidity on national tv for America to see. But I have a problem with people like Cam’ron who are saying Don’t Snitch because they are basically protecting people who commit crimes in black neighborhoods and then leave. Cam’ron don’t live in the hood (i saw the kiddie pool) and neither does Busta, yet they keep promoting this ridiculous slogan to protect criminals who are killing young children, the elderly, and the black populace. So basically they are arguing that if a man came from Madison Ave and committed murder in Harlem, then black people should protect him? I tell you, ignorance like this makes me sick to my stomach.

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspot.com/ Bird

    Snitching is part of the game. These rich ass rappers can act like it’s not all they want. They think they can just write off the “accomplishments” of street legends when they were never more than street level hoppers if that. There is not a rapper out there who would even have come into contact with the likes of Nicky Barnes let alone Frank Lucas. Their little guy fake gangster asses don’t need to be talking on something they really know nothing about.

  • Ms. Fab

    Co-signing with Mary J Blige on this one all the way.

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspot.com/ Bird

    As for the movie, I wasn’t totally crazy about it. The cop story line seemed overblown and unnecessary. They took valuable time away from the story of Frank Lucas so Russell Crow could have a meaty part.

  • LetMeTellYa

    Why in the hell do Black people have to accept those things that are destroying us physically, mentally, and financially just to be considered “down”? And what makes it even worse, is that those people who push “no snitching” and other b.s. are making records and money off of the increasing demise of certain Black populations. How many songs can somebody make about the ‘hood, drugs, guns, etc? The ONLY thing that gives the “no snitching” its real strength is the FACT that many times those who do “snitch” don’t get protection from the police/witness protection and they end up victims.

  • Sim1

    I enjoyed American Gangster very much. If you went in expecting a ‘shoot em up’, action type movie then I could see how some would be disappointed. Its based on a true story, not fiction. I thought Denzel and Russell Crowe did a fabulous job.

  • kelis

    I have always thought the stop snitching stuff was foul. I will say that TI’s bodyguard was wrong for setting him up… I think u should have some loyalty to your friends, etc, but there is a difference between that and just being ignorant. If I see someone get killed, hell yeah I’m telling in a heartbeat. If I know something about someone getting molested or something of that nature, hell yeah I’m telling. I don’t know much about the Nicky Barnes situation and I haven’t seen American Gangster yet. But I will say this: there is no damn way I’m taking the rap for someone else who wouldn’t take it for me.

  • Dark&Lovely

    I agree, the movie was dry and boring. Denzel did have his acting game on tight but the movie itself was blah. I rather read a book on Frank Lucas.

  • big den

    I thought the movie was empty too. Didnt live up to the hype. Definitely wasnt on the level of training day.

  • http://www.liveagl.com alexdelarge

    I didnt like the movie much either i mean, Its like the director and writer just wanted to make a movie about a black being tough..I mean they could of put alot more work into developing a more interesting plot..It felt liked the writer wrote the script the night before…the production start schedule



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  • lexdiamonz

    in reference Nicky Barnes he is a snitch but alas there is no honor among thieves and pu**y is every man downfall remember New Jack city these so-called “hardcore” thugs get done in cuz one of their boys was boning their woman that nonsense.drug dealers ALWAYS snitch on each other why you think some get locked up while others get a free pass there are better things to do and you can snitch or not snitch when the FEDS need to make their quota you going down… umm here’s a thought instead of campaining for “STOP SNITCHING” here’s a new slogan “STOP COMMITING CRIMES “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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