What’s The 411? Mary J. Blige’s Chubby Hubby Kendu Goes In On Twitter Hater After Being Blamed For Her Broke Baller Money Problems

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EXCLUSIVE: Singer Mary J. Blige having fun on the beach in Puerto Rico

Mary’s husband Kendu says he’s not the reason why she’s struggling!

Mary J. Blige’s Husband Goes In On Twitter Critic Over Money

Singer Mary J. Blige recently got hit with a multi-million dollar tax bill. Many are questioning how her husband and manager Kendu Isaacs let her fiances get in such a mess. Some of Mary’s fans are wondering why her hubby would allow his wife and meal ticket to get such bad press over her money issues.

Kendu apparently doesn’t agree with the haters, so when one of Mary’s fans asked Kendu what’s the 411…. he let him know!


Kendu then finished off by saying:


Do you think Kendu is to blame for Mary’s money issues?



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