Life’s Not Fair: 10 Most Successful Celebs With ZERO Talent

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rihanna-coachella-2012 There was a time when actual “talent” was required to be famous. No, seriously, there was—lifetimes ago—before the internet, auto-tune and inflatable booty cheeks. Now, it’s ALL about industry hype, sex appeal and image which explains the overall decline in mainstream music/movies. Here are the ten most successful celebs with no talent. Take a look.
14-492x492 Kim Kardashian The stunning celebutante/carrier of 8-pound, 6-ounce infant Yeezus has attempted to act, sing and give sloppy toppy on camera and failed terribly at them all. Famous for being famous, she’s the most talentless A-List celebrity alive.
snooprihannawarreng1 Rihanna The mega-successful filth princess has sold over 25 million records worldwide without a teaspoon of talent. How a singer who sounds like tortured tropical birds is THIS successful, musically, only God knows.
dj-khaled-kiss-the-ring DJ Khaled No one really knows what Khaled does other than scream stressfully over microwave “anthems” that all sound the same. What exactly is he the best of? Why have we allowed him to hyperventilate over tracks since ’06?
11027 DJ Drama No one knows what Drama does either yet he’s dropped FOUR albums with “DJ Drama” on the cover. Famously-annoying, he swears people want to hear him narrate mixtapes.
Channing Tatum Channing Tatum He’s easily one of the worst actors in Hollywood with mannequin-like screen presence but that will never matter to the millions of thirsty women who flock to his trash bin-worthy movies.
trinidad_james10 Trinidad James The soap-allergic yuck mouth inked a $2 million Def Jam deal off the strength of smash hit “All Gold Everything” but, let’s be real, he’s 100% trash as a rapper.
title11 Nicki Minaj Onika’s Fire Marshall Billish rappity-raps, 12-year-old Japanese girl fashions and helium-pumped booty cheeks overshadow her overall lack of talent. Top 5 WORST Rap gimmick ever? No question.
halle-berry-baps Halle Berry Her iconic beauty has always distracted moviegoers from her cringe-worthy “acting” (and struggle wigs) in GOD-AWFUL movies. At 46, she’s the most beautiful terrible actress in Hollywood.
ap_taylor_swift_kd_111110_wg Taylor Swift Her only talent is getting dumped by every man she dates. There’s a reason why she’s always shocked when she wins awards.
8829dbbde770a8fab718c0a85ca0a10d94122531 Kristen Stewart The unbearable “Twilight” star acts like an awkward corpse that doesn’t know it died years ago but somehow earned $34.5 million last year. THIRTY FOUR POINT FIVE MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS. For one movie split into two parts. Life’s not fair.

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