Straight Slander: 9 Men Who Have Been Called Cornball Brothers

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Tiger Woods

Men Who Have Been Called Cornball Brothers

Way back a few months ago an ESPN analyst got fired for calling Robert Griffin III a “cornball brother.” The insult was pretty biting and uncalled for. However, Griffin III isn’t the only guy who gets that unfavorable moniker. These celebrities have been called “cornball brothers” in their day, too. Do they deserve it? You tell us.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant – He was always trying to copy MJ and it came off really corny. Throw in the Colorado fiasco and he’s cornball material.


Tiger Woods – He didn’t want to be considered Black and he only wants white women. That’s earned him cornball status by most accounts.


Chris Bosh – He’s always doing those stupid faces and flailing around like a damn fool. It’s never not corny.

dwight howard tv show 200611

Dwight Howard – He’s got the lamest jokes in all the NBA. Cornball in every sense of the word.

wale dirty

Wale – That spoken word stuff? Cornyyyyy. Plus those struggle dreds deserve attention.


Cuba Gooding – His breakdancing and penchant for embarrassing movies has earned him cornball status. Almost 20 years and running.


Will Smith – That rapping got him into the cornball hall of fame.


Robert Griffin III – He’s the OG cornball brother. SMH.


Barack Obama – Can you believe that people tried to call him corny in the beginning? Haters.


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