Destiny’s Children: The 9 Best “Girl” Groups Of The 90s

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Best Female Music Groups Of The 90s

Destiny's Child is back recording music together these days, which we're all happy to hear. They're one of the good groups still rocking from the 90s...sorta. Most of the 90s female groups are either split up or just gone for good. But we definitely remember the golden age of girl groups that the 90s brought us. Take a look and let us know your favorite.
Former Destiny's Child Member LaTavia Roberson Opens Up About Kelly Rowland's Early Days Destiny's Child - Though they had a nasty split, Destiny's Child was a dope foursome we all loved
TLC-600x450 TLC - The changed the game forever. R.I.P. Left Eye.
En Vogue En Vogue - *Grabs towel* They were so hot, we know most of the world was sweating from their videos.
total-badgirls-thumb-473x437-5135 Total - They were everything 90s. Swagged out swoops and everything.
SWV SWV - They had some hits in their day, too.
XScape Xscape - They ruled the 90s.
salt and pepa Salt N Peppa - Best female rap group of all time? Yep.
tumblr_levp5sQ8Xx1qbrimro1_500 Zhane - These ladies were pure soul. Set the mood music.
images Brownstone - I heard it through the gravevyyyyyne! Sing it with us!

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