Hi Hater: Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj And Claims She’s Using Her To Get Good Press “You’ve Trashed Me Too Much To Just Forget!”

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Right after Nicki admitted on Hot 97 that she was a fan of Lil Kim’s melted candle face…..

Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj On Twitter

Nicki Minaj recently sat down for an interview with Hot 97, where she cleared up her beef with radio host Peter Rosenberg as well as chat about her love of some other female emcees.

“I don’t have beef with anybody, let me just say that too. Life is too short. Nothing is ever that serious. Not with you (Peter Rosenberg), not with other artists, nobody.”

Nicki actually admitted Lil Kim is one of her favorites:

“Foxy [Brown], [Lil] Kim, Lauryn [Hill], and then Remy [Ma]. You know when Remy came out, I was very, very excited about her. They were all from New York too. It’s no disrespect to any other female rappers, but those are the ones that I felt like, ‘Ok, yeah. I could get into that.’ They sounded like me when I spoke, and I just thought they really made an impact.”

Although the interview was really sweet and positive, Lil Kim somehow interpreted the interview to be a publicity stunt. Kim and her fans took to Twitter to air out the Fake Barbie, Kim let her retweets do the talking for her….



Funny, looks like the only person attention slorin’ is Kim. Hit the flip to see what Nicki had to say about the Queen Bee on Twitter…

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