Blind Item: Which Of These Dirty Dog Miami Heat Ballers Is Allegedly Cheating On His Girlfriend???

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Wonder if THIS is why he played so poorly last game?

A Miami Heat Player Is Rumored To Be Cheating On His Girlfriend

Via MiamiHerald

We hear that a very taken Miami Heat player is having an affair with someone who lives in the King Cole condo in North Beach. Says our spy, “He’s there around midnight after every home game.” Our spy isn’t exaggerating. According to security, this player has repeatedly shown up at midnight and after asking for a particular woman’s apartment. The thing is, that woman is not his significant other. Girlfriend shouldn’t be too shocked considering that not too long ago she was the one with whom her beloved baller was sneaking around.

It’s not too hard to figure out who this article is referring to, the question is will the doting daddy of two have to be caught red-handed to confess his dirty deeds?

When smoke like this ends up in the city’s biggest newspaper you KNOW there is a fire sizzling somewhere! SMMFH…karma is a beyotch.

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