Pure Comedy: Comedian Ruins Lives Of Twitter Followers Playing “I Haven’t Been Fully Honest With You” Pranks On Their Boos!

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Prank Text This is the funniest evil prank you could ever play on your loving boyfriend/girlfriend

Comedian Nathan Fielder Starts Twitter Prank For People To Play On Their Significant Others

Via DailyMail
Fans of the Comedy Central's comedian Nathan Fielder put their relationships on the line to take part in another cruel prank. Fielder, who recently encouraged teenagers to text their parents about a fake drug deal, took to Twitter on Wednesday to ask his 70,000 followers to send a message their partner saying: 'I haven't been fully honest with you'.
Nathan Fielder Tweets
In a cruel repeat of his drug deal prank, his followers were told to not respond to any texts or phone calls for one hour after sending the message. What might have seemed a funny idea at the time, quickly backfired as relationships were destroyed and trust lost. David Pina was one of many who instantly regretted taking part in the prank.
David Pina DAAAAAMN GINAAAA! To see more of the heartbreak hilariousness after the flippy. Image via Shutterstock
prank 2
prank 3
prank 1 This momma wasn't going for the banana-in-the-tailpipe.

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