Call Maury: 27-Year-Old Bi-Racial Man Who Claims He’s Bill Clinton’s Secret Son Now Says He Wants To Meet His “Dad” And “Sister” Chelsea

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Slick Willy strikes again…

Man Claiming Bill Clinton Is His Father Wants To Meet Him

A now 27-year-old bi-racial man who claims he is former President Bill Clinton’s son born out of an affair that Bill had with his mother has now allegedly come forward saying that he’d like to meet his “father” and “sister” Chelsea.

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Bill Clinton has a secret son he fathered with a call girl — according to a bombshell new report.

America’s Globe magazine claims the 27-year-old man is desperate to meet his biological dad Bill before it’s too late.

In its latest issue, Globe details how the love child was conceived — and they’ve got photos of the young man and his mom.

Slick Willy just don’t quit! Do you think this guy resembles former President Clinton Bossip fam?

Photo Credit: GLOBE


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