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Ne-Yo Talib Kweli

An interesting group of colorful characters kicked it this weekend at Mansion Night club in Miami. Singer and Songwriter Ne-Yo had the courage to go out without his head covered up.

Fill in the Blank: You would describe Ne-Yo’s steez as ___________________.

More images from this event right about now…

Ne-Yo JadeVivica Fox’s Forever 21 ShirtVivica Fox’s Forever 21 Shirt


  • Ms 305

    NeYo should never leave the house w/o a hat.

  • Purple-Rain

    Am I the only who thinks this is suspect?

  • Royal Chocolate


  • txshawty

    Ne-Yo if you don’t—Got dawg it—boy I’ma—

    {can’t even finish sentences outta frustration}

    I really wanna root for you,boo, really I do, I love your music, but these pictures boo…{Jamie Foxx} They’re not really working for me???!

  • Sarita

    I would discribe it as “very Suspect”. LOL!!!!

  • Bankable P

    His steez looks f*cked up!

    Reminds me of a song…. “…All night I be on it….All Day…..” LOL!!!

  • neekah

    Neyo really should always keep a hat nearby. Jade looks like a big dude no wonder she didn’t win ANTM, Vivica looks a good mess as usual with that jacked up face, Scott Storch or whatever his name is looks like a fat pimply faced white kid who always got picked on in school, and finally Talib Kweli looks like he need an intervention ASAP

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive

    Leave Ne-Yo alone. We all have insecurities. He might have overcame this one. Don’t worry Ne-Yo, I have an apple head too! :)

  • I wonder

    Damn neyo’s head looks like a melted milk dud…

  • rell

    hahaha ne-yo got the egg

    no wonder he where’s a hat all the time

  • persona

    Why don’t you mention that’s Talib Kweli?

  • Nikki

    Kweli looks so out of it, Ne-Yo is my baby but um that head is. . .

  • The Original Ebony

    no father in the home,

    while growing up.


  • Lawd Have Mercy

    DAYUUMMMMM!!! I can see my future on his dome,LMAO.

    Is Vivica doing Scott Storch now? Please don’t tell me she’s trying to get a record deal now.But doesn’t Scott Storch look like a Child Molester to you? SMDH

  • Lili

    The glasses didn’t add more to his look.

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