Sprung: 9 Celebrity Women Who Let Their Men “Dirty Dog” Them

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shay2 Good men are hard to find. However these celebrity women have let their men run over them like a dirty welcome mat. Here are 9 celebrity women in need of some self esteem.
Rihannafeat5 Rihanna The Rihanna, Karrueche, Chris Brown saga has run it's course. All that running back and forth from Ri Ri to Karrueche is worthy of an STD test.
Mimi-Faust-Stevie-J-Cover1 Mimi Faust Mimi Faust has got to be one of the dumbest women on the planet. No way would we let someone come into our house and call us a maid and let them leave with all their teeth. We heard of women holding on, but 15 years ma?
Karruche2 Karrueche Karrueche bared the brunt of the Ri Ri, Chris Brown love triangle. Ri Ri dragged this girl on Twitter, paraded Breezy in her face and yet she still went back to Chris.
skyfall premiere 13 231012 Naomi Campbell Naomi has been dating the same married billionaire for years and he has yet to divorce his wife and marry you. We're confused, if he's married doesn't that make you the mistress boo?
jennifer-aniston-90-600x450 Jennifer Aniston The way Angelina Jolie stole Brad from her was a damn shame. Brad once said life with her was a snooze fest....ouch that must have hurt.
Erica-Dixon-Lil-Scrappy-Cover Erica Dixon At first you were winning when Scrappy proposed to you and now you're losing sweetie. Scrappy still got his hoes calling his phone. We guess the ring didn't mean a thing.
stevie-j-and-joseline Joseline Hernandez Stevie made you get an abortion. Clearly he cares nothing about you and is keeping you close for them dollas. Before you, the bum was riding the bus.
love-and-hip-hop-atlanta-reunion-ii-shay-johnson_2 Shay "Buckeey" Johnson First Scrappy embarrassed by proposing to Erica and not you on national television. Now you on Love and Hip Hop with Momma Dee trying to figure out ways to get him back. Child bye.
kelly Kelly Rowland Kelly was all over the covers of magazines with a wedding dress and no wedding happened. Then years after the fact she comes out with "Dirty Laundry," exposing her jealousy of Bey and her abusive relationship. Years have gone by and she is still letting that sucka play her by putting out a song that puts her on blast.

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