Wendy Williams Talks Rihanna & Chris Brown “If He Beats You, Then Break Up!” [Video]

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Vlad caught up with Wendy Williams recently and spoke to her in depth about her opinions regarding the roller coaster relationship that has existed between Chris Brown and Rihanna for many years now. Even though they’ve officially broken up for a second time and Chris has been rumored to be back with his ex-girl Karrueche, Wendy still feels strongly that the course of their relationship has been a negative reflection of how society currently is today.

She expressed that she would never put up with physical abuse, nor return to her abuser if she was in Rihanna’s shoes. Wendy hopes that this will be the final break-up between them, but if they do happen to find each other’s romance again in a hopeless place, she believes that it shouldn’t happen until they’re in their thirties so they can truly have some time to grow as adults and individuals.

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