In The Middle of a Knifed-Up Sandwich

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Star Jones Boris Kodjoe Vivica Fox

Boris Kodjoe, Vivica Fox, and Star Jones were at the Soul Kitchen at The Forge in Miami last night. Man, that sure is a lot of surgery stitches Boris is hugging on right there. We know he couldn’t wait to get home to Nicole.

We really wish that Vivica Fox would start dressing her age too.

Star Jones Vivica FoxStar Jones Vivica Fox Al Reynolds


  • Lili

    Boris is so yummy.

  • Mary J Blige

    is it me or does Star’s dude look very ‘special’? Now Boris on the otherhand can break my back any day

  • Royal Chocolate

    What is Star wearing…..a lace table cloth?

  • DJ Inphinity

    They look good… but I agree with truth. Fox drives me crazy.

  • Baby Please

    I don’t care what nobody say…

    He needs hair.

    Um, Did Star’s face plump up a bit? I’m sure it was more sunken in before.

    That pink thing Viv is wearing is horrid.

  • I wonder

    Viv……no more surgery period

  • kaz

    ok Al Bino just looks SO scary. They put all of star jones fat into them bags shes carrying under her eyes…I cant say anymore. It hurts to look

  • SoSoDef

    I love Soul Kitchen at the Forge. Shout out to DJ Affect!

  • Bankable P

    Al looks scary, as usual. Betta watch him!

  • txshawty

    I actually think they’re looking better than usual…Vivica’s face doesn’t look as tight and Star’s face looks a lil plumper…now if only Al would move around…look like he just squeezed his head in the middle…PHOTO OP! lol

  • Tabitha

    Everyone keep talking about Vivica’s plastic surgery. Well what exactly is it she did that keeps yall talking cuz she looks the same to me HORRIBLE!!

  • Bahama Mama


    WHY does Star keep letting AL out the house?

  • Purple-Rain

    The song that comes to mind is “Skintight” by the Ohio Players

    Skin tight! Do do doo do!

    Skin tight! Do do doo do!

    Skin tight! Do do doo do!

  • Mahogany

    I would love to work that middle.

    Him and his wife are really laid back…just lovely people in general.

    the end.

  • Harlem Chic

    I have to say this…Boris is as fine..if not finer in person than he is on Polaroid. It makes not a lick of sense how delicious that man is.

    *Damn*. SMH.

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