The Big Apple: 9 Rappers Who Are Bringing New York Rap Back

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9 Rappers Bringing New York Back

Papoose and the Summer Jam fiasco really painted New York rap in a bad light over the weekend. While rappers from the West Coast were killing the stage, Papoose became a trending topic for his foolishness and French Montana stunk up the joint and got his set cut short. But have no fear, Big Apple-ians, these nine MCs are keeping you relevant. You have a bright future ahead of you.
TYLER-THE-CREATOR Tyler The Creator - He's a crazy a$$ leader of Odd Future. But he has a movement behind him.
Denzil-Porter Denzil Porter - He's like a young Kanye West. Expect greatness from him soon. Roc_Marciano-Roc_Marciano_talks_Marcberg_LP_Ultramagnetic_MCs Roc Marciano - He's grimy, old-school rap that will make any Timb-wearer want to pay attention.
Action-Bronson Action Bronson - He's the wildest MC in the game and one of the most talented. He's like e second coming of Ghostface Killah.
smoke-dza Smoke DZA - He's a wrestling fan and swagged out MC you'll love immediately. joey-badass Joey Bada$$ - This teenager may sign with The Roc soon...but until then just enjoy him killing beats.
troy-ave Troy Ave - He's like an up North Jeezy and his music bangs. Point blank.
asaprocky A$AP Rocky - You have to know he's one of the kings of the city now. If not, you have an effin problem. French French Montana - His music sucks dingleberries but he's popular so there's that.

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