Shhhh: The Women With The Most Annoying Voices

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Nicki Minaj

Most Annoying Voices In The Game

We hate to tell anyone to shut up, but sometimes voices are just so annoying that they drive us crazy. Some people aren't blessed with great voices and others just choose to sound like rabid hyenas when they talk. It's sad be we're not lying. So take a look at some women whose voices make us want to stick knives in our ears.
VIBE-Vixen-Sofia-Vergara-makeup Sofia Vergara - She's got that nasally voice that'll make dogs bark. Good thing she looks like that.
Access Hollywood Nicki Nicki MInaj - She did that voice changing thing for a while and it was horrible. At least she's stopped that.
WENDY-WENN Wendy Williams - That faux-fancy voice drives most people crazy.
19th Annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards Rocsi - Did you really like hearing her every day on 106? You couldn't possibly.
nene-rich-450x3321 Nene -Please just make it stop.
joseline-hernandez Joseline - We really don't know how Steebie puts up with that isht.
Kim-Kardashian1 feat Kim Kardashian - That high pitch whine makes us so sad.
Tiny-1350055317 Tiny - We love her but good gracious.
azealia-banks-feat-e1348752513689 Azealia Banks - It's not as bad as her tweeting but...

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