Misery Loves Company: 9 People Who Contributed To Paris Jackson’s Downfall

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Debbie-Rowe-Paris-Jackson-debbie-rowe-31943328-617-362 Sometimes family can lead to your demise quicker than a stranger on the street. Here are 9 people that contributed to Paris' downfall.
LaToya Jackson screw-up La Toya Jackson Could you imagine having La Toya for an auntie with that lopsided, plastic face? Every time Paris sees her it's probably, "Hey Paris can I borrow $50,000?" Beyotch looks like her and Lil' Kim have the same plastic surgeon and make up artist. Epic fail.
gty_conrad_murray_dm_111129_wg Conrad Murray We're pretty sure getting a comforting message from the ninja that killed your dad after you just tried to kill yourself would make you even more depressed. Who the fawk told Conrad to record that creepy message? Something tells us his elevator doesn't go all the way to the top.
Debbie-Rowe-Paris-Jackson-debbie-rowe-31943328-617-362 Debbie Rowe Michael dies and all of a sudden this thirsty hoe tries to get all motherly with Paris. Her fat azz sold her kids for $8 million. She was a glorified cum bucket for a turkey baster and now she wants to play mommy.
wade-robson-michael-jackson Wade Robson We' don't believe MJ was smashin' his cakes to smithereens. Before MJ even got a hold of him his booty was busted down to the white meat. Wade's the type of dude that gets passed around for a carton of cigarettes in jail.
1342621294_janet-jackson-paris-jackson-lg Janet Jackson Ms. Jackson "if you're nasty" was giving Paris' the business on the regular. Do ya'll remember the video of Paris' snatching that phone out of Janet's hand? You know in an old fashioned black household that would of been an epic azz whoopin' right there, extension cords and everything.
katherine jackson Katherine Jackson We know Katherine means well, but she is 80 something years old. She was around when the original copies of the old testament were being passed out. She was never in a condition to raise teenage children.
Jermaine-Jackson-Michael-Jackson Jermaine Jackson "Claymation" Jermaine needs to do something about that hair. It never moves...there is something unnatural about that. Plus every time we see Jermaine he looks greasy with that gay man "dewy" face. We didn't forget he tried to make money off of Michael with that lame concert. He couldn't have been a good role model for Paris.
michael-jackson-las-vegas Michael Jackson Living up to her father's legacy proved too much for Paris. It must be stressful being the kid of the King of Pop. Everybody expects you to be super talented, but sometimes talent skips a generation.
tito jackson Tito Jackson Tito Jackson is a bum. What the fawk is his occupation? Paris was suppose to grow up to be a productive citizen with this dude as an uncle?

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