Should The Old Man Retire?????

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Damon Dash suggested to Bossip yesterday that Joe Camel should retire and he isn’t the only one not feelin the old man’s new sh*t. The NY Post reports:

MAYBE Jay-Z should have stayed retired. The rapper and president of Def Jam recordings has been breaking his back promoting his new album, “American Gangster,” which is “inspired” by the movie. An industry insider says, “He is scrambling – the first single, ‘Blue Magic,’ isn’t being played on radio. It’s the first time in his career he’s not doing well.” Jay-Z will perform the album live on VH1’s “Storytellers” on Thursday. He’ll also tour to “create buzz,” and Def Jam shelled out $500,000 for the first video, added the source. Jay-Z’s rep, Jana Fleishman, says, “It’s not true at all. It’s a conceptual album, so we’re not focusing on one single. He was inspired by the movie. And we tour to support every release.”

We think those sold out Amercian Gangster concerts were probably some scalpers and Def Jam. What’s wrong with leaving the game as a legend-with your head held up high vs people pushing your old ass off the mic?

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  • nahnah

    who cares? i don’t listen to that crappy rap music anyway.



  • nahnah

    but if he does, i hope he takes his puppy beyonce with him.

  • StyleRazzi

    He needs to retire those damn socks!!!!! LMAO!!!!! No, but really, Jay-Z does need to retire. Al of his new songs are WACK!!!!! The only reason that “Rock Boys” song is hot is because of Kanye. Folks were more excited about the release of Kanye and 50’s album than they are about this album. I like the old “BEFORE BEYONCE” Jay-Z. This new improved nigg@ is wack and his verses are very BLAH!!!! And hearing him talk about dope and when he was in the dope game is just as boring.

  • weezy

    nobody wants to hear from a “label president” rappin period, especially rappin about selling drugs.

  • anonymiss

    Jay-Ova? Probably not, but dare to dream.

  • Notahater

    i don’t understand why this man has to quit doing what he loves. if you don’t like his music then don’t buy it. his music is not only his business it is also how he expresses his creativity. I have never heard of forcing an artist to put his brush down or stop sculpting b/c he is 38 years old. that is just stupid!!!

    there is plenty of room for Jay-Z, Kanye, Lupe and Soulja Boy and anybody else. why does it have to be one or the other. white folks put out all kinds of music all the time. they don’t have one favorite at a time for rock or country or whatever. open up your minds to more than one thing at a time.

    damn..can you walk and chew gum at the same time?

  • Anita

    Stop hatin’

  • Dolla Bill

    Sign of the times..LOL Lets get some new blood in there!

  • RealTalk...Don'tTrustYa

    To quote American Gangster the movie…

    “Quitting while you’re head is not the same thing as quitting.”

    …Sat Down Hova…

  • RealTalk...Don'tTrustYa

    *ahead** excuse me.

  • Pristine

    Jay-Z…the next Cosby

    hey! that rhymes, ima rapper

  • Angie

    Based on things he has said in the past, I think he was interested in retiring (from rapping at least), but because Bey was just getting her game on, he decided he might as well stay in it too. If she ever decides to slow down, he might really retire. Otherwise, he’d just be waiting around for her.

  • Beauteeeee

    He needs to quit while he still have some fans!! Or quit once everybody label him as whack!!!

  • Trini Chica in BK

    30 seconds his concert sold out! That’s all I have to say ppl!

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