Break Yo’ Self! 9 Rappers Who Got Jacked For Their Jewelry

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Rappers Who Got Their Chains Stolen

Jacking chains is soooo 1990s. Doing it in 2013 is so lame. Still, goons go out there and try to jack jewelry from rappers they wish they could be. It's sort of sad but whatever. They like it. And there are plenty of victims. Here are some rappers who got jacked for their jewelry.
yung-berg-autobot-chain1 Yung Berg - He's gotten his chain snatched about half a dozen times now and it's actually been a bad punchline in the rap world.
2-Chainz-Source-Cover-Dec-2012 2 Chainz - He allegedly got robbed and shot at last night in Oakland. People are still stealing chains now?
Rapper 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) takes pictures of the paparazzi with his iPhone as he leaves BOA Steakhouse after enjoying dinner on April 10, 2013 in Santa Monica, 50 Cent - Fiddy allegedly had his chain snatched by Ja Rule's Murder Inc. crew when they were feuding.
alg-court-ja-rule-jpg Ja Rule - Someone in the G-Unit crew allegedly stole his chain in retaliation.
gunplay-sway_jpg_630x400_q85 Gunplay - Someone in G-Unit apparently stole his chain too and gave it to 50 as a trophy. Lame.
The Young Money members no one knows Gudda Gudda - The YMCMB green carrier had his chain stolen in Minnesota of all places.
waka-flocka Waka Flocka - He got his chain stolen at gunpoint in Compton and the thieves took pictures with it.
Mike Jones Mike Jones - A groupie stole his
Nas Nas - Urban legend states that Nas had his chain jacked then he had to buy it back from JT The Bigga Figga. Jay-Z even rapped about it.

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