The More You Know: 8 Fun Facts About Twerking

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tumblr_m6tagqNKxv1qlqzmfo1_1280 Twerking is America’s latest dance craze, and yes, “everyone’s doing it”—elderly women, your mama, white hoodrats (Miley Cyrus)—everyone. So, naturally, we compiled fun facts about the cultural phenomenon for those new to the twerking party. Here are eight fun facts about twerking. Take a look.
[cds] 47 1. Ying Yang Twins’ “Whistle While You Twurk” was the first known twerk anthem on urban radio. It dropped 13 years ago and peaked at #17 on the charts.
l 2. DJ Jubilee’s “Do The Jubilee All” was the first known twerk anthem in American history. It dropped in ’93 and fueled New Orleans’ legendary Bounce music movement.
tumblr_inline_mnlbbaKeGq1qz4rgp 3. A twerk a day keeps the Doctor away? Yep, high-energy twerk sessions burn at least 500 calories an hour.
tumblr_mfq1adRcH61qlnulro1_500 4. Women who twerk (or p-pop in handstands) regularly are less prone to heart disease and diabetes.
244845275_640 5. Juvenile’s “Back That Thang Up” is widely considered the greatest twerk anthem ever.
miley24f-3-web o-JUICY-J-MILEY-CYRUS-570 miley-cyrus-juicy-j-twerking-pic 6. A white chick like Miley (awkwardly) twerking is “cute.” A Black woman twerking is a “filthy unfathered hoodrat-scripper-ho.” Completely-unfair, but reality in America.
tumblr_lveju8TUf61r79021o1_500 7. Twerking is often traced back to African culture by shea-buttery scholars but that’s a reach. True booty cheek vibration to the beat-twerking started in Miami, Atlanta or New Orleans (depending on the Twerk historian you ask). Photo credit: Tumblr
twerk 8. Twerking (which is 15+ years old) is more popular in 2013 than ever before. tumblr_m40a3hom731r5zq6ao1_500 tumblr_mklmh6wVRn1qjkg5jo1_500
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