Love & Hip Hop: Mimi Says Steebie J Has Already Cheated On Joseline With Another Struggle Side-Piece “How You Get Him Is How You Lose Him!”

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Mimi is off Stevie’s bus and throwing him under it!

Mimi Says Stevie J Has Already Cheating On Joseline

Stevie might not have Mimi in his rat paws anymore but he still has many options in Atlanta. Considering Mimi had already jumped off the bus, and with the introduction of Che Mack and Stevie’s thirstiness, Jose and Stevie are in the middle of yet another love triangle.

It really doesn’t help that Stevie bought Che a struggle TV, so when Joseline got the news about the gift she went HAM on Stevie and fired him.

Mimi took to her Twitter account to talk about the situation and a little too happy to discuss the ills of going from side-ho to main chick…




Joseline ain’t playing that mess though…




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