Vivica Fox in a Two-Piece

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Vivica Fox Bikini 5

Vivica Fox has been taking full advantage of her Miami experience soaking up some rays and kicking it on the beach. Good thing Star Jones and her two-piece were no where in sight.

Vivica Fox Bikini 4Vivica Fox Bikini 1Vivica Fox Bikini 3


  • JaliliMaster

    Yay, I’m first.



  • Licia

    Is that Boris with Viv? To quote Andre 3000 – Don’t do it, read some litera-ture..

  • Reformed GammaRay

    DEAD WRONG. is she aware? I mean..I don’t understand..

  • Reformed GammaRay

    Yeah Boris is look’n kinda beach picture perfect..

  • 1#

    Y is Boris laying on the beach with her. Isn’t he married? Where is his wife?

  • duplicated

    What’s up with Boris and Vivica?

  • Jauron

    She has fallen off a bit since 50 Cent was puttin her a** to sleep.

  • vgeezy

    That is not Boris……He looks like him….Vivica should have stayed married and had children but she was chasing the hollywood illusion. Now her old ass wish some will impregnate her ass!!!

  • Gina Lawrence

    You’d think with all that plastic surgery, she would’ve had some work done on her Dionne Warwick like nose of hers. You can drive a mack truck up those notrils. Ugh. Btw, whatsup with Boris Kojoe. He ain’t with Nicole Ari Parker anymore?

  • J

    That is not Boris. It looks like him, but it’s not. She looks better in a bikini than Fantasia.

  • Eye

    Why is she wearing a two piece that is made for a size 2 or 4? She is clearly a size 8 and she doesn’t look toned or “Hollywood” at all. Poor thang!

  • Baby Please

    Can’t work it wit the face? Work it with the bod, I guess.

    Her face. Why did she do that to herself? What a shame. What a shame.

  • Baby Please

    I don’t think that’s him.

  • nono

    she dont look too bad…

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