Don’t Be Like That: Celebrities Who Seem To Be Jealous Of Other Celebrities

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Celebrities Jealous Of Other Celebrities

Jay-Z once said that males shouldn’t be jealous it’s a female trait. Well, men and women exhibit jealousy equally if you ask us. Everyone from us regular people to the celebrities out in the world experiences the pitfalls of jealousy. It’s nasty and never good. To illustrate this, we named some celebrities who seem to be jealous of others. What happened?

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Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole – You could smell the haterade emitting from her Twitter account when she hated on Destiny’s Child at the Super Bowl. She’s totally jealous of Beyonce and the Eastside Girlz.


Jay-Z – Who could he be jealous of? Well, he was apparently jealous of Cam’Ron when he signed to The Roc. Jay wanted to know how Cam was suddenly at a top spot and it ruined the company.

Miami Heat superstars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade enjoying their day off poolside with some family members in Miami, Florida on May 18, 2013. FameFlynet, Inc -

Dwyane Wade – D Wade has been feeling some sort of way about LeBron taking over in Miami even though he invited him over. It’s tearing the team apart.


Kobe Bryant – He was jealous of Shaq being the alpha male with the Lakers. Another team broken up.


Scottie Pippen – He’s been hating on Mike in the last couple of years saying LeBron is better. The reason? He wants more credit for what he did in Chicago.


Karrueche – Clearly she’s jealous of Rihanna’s hold she had on Breezy. But in the end, she wins.

Consequence Erica Mena

Consequence – He got left behind when Yeezy took over. And now he’s bitter and sending Twitter shots.

Bynes and Rih

Amanda Bynes – She wants to be Rihanna so bad…and it won’t ever work.


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