Swirly Baby Saga: 7 Best (And Worst) Moments Of Kimmy K’s Pregnancy

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kim-kardashian-met-gala-dress-mrs-doubtfire-couch Kimmy K. finally popped and ended the most stressful celebrity pregnancy ever. We imagine Kris Jenner is more excited about the exclusive baby photo offers than the actual baby. Whether KimYe will last or even be good parents, no one knows, but we’re glad their swirly baby saga is finally over. Here are the seven best (and worst) moments of Kimmy K’s Pregnancy. Take a look.
Y2PNc40663 Ruthless weight gain slander People couldn’t WAIT to call Kimmy all kinds of hippos, whales and other sloppy seafaring mammals when she gained her pregnancy weight and they did. Obsessively. Photo credit: Twitter
Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner spotted leaving Stanley's Restaurant in Sherman Oaks Kimmy’s busted biscuit can feet We don’t know why Kimmy K. refused to dress like a pregnant woman during her pregnancy, but she did, and squeezed her swollen Ms. Piggy feet into high-fashion heels daily. Photo credit: Splash
1 All of the Sads: Miserable Kanye Kanye forgot how to smile during the pregnancy and usually looked like a man trapped in a dark, hopeless, joy-free place with no music, internet or shimmery leather.
ThenewKimKardashianCouchCollection-32660_zpsd329ee67 Infamous Mrs. Doubtfire dress Kimmy looked like your meemaw's favorite loveseat (without the plastic) at the Met Gala and was reportedly devastated when Vogue cropped her out of every Kanye picture. Photo credit: Twitter
210 Ray-J “I Hit It First” Brandy’s little brother acted like a scorned baby mama and released the pettiest record ever that was both hilarious and pathetic. Ray-J plotting to ruin KimYe’s baby’s life? Probably. Photo credit: Twitter
bkdzbfqcqaao6ix Kanye vs. The Pole Yeezy walked into a pole while wearing all-leather everything in blazing L.A. heat and spazzed on the paparazzi like a true diva. We still don’t know why he was wearing a leather blouse in that heat. Photo credit: Twitter
381d9428805bb90090485208829bc045 Kanye, the glittery snow creature Those awkward moments when Kanye screamed into mics during shows while dressed like a psychotic Easter bunny…Why? Photo credit: Instagram

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