BOSSIP Exclusive: Erica Dixon Calls Side-Chick Shay An “Annoying Beyotch” And Says Momma Dee Treats Scrappy Like Her Man!

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Erica talks exclusively with BOSSIP about Shay, Momma Dee and whether or not she’ll ever get back with Scrappy!

Erica Dixon Talks About Shay, Momma Dee And Scrappy Relationship

Erica Dixon was recently spotted backstage at HOT 107.9’s Birthday Bash concert in Atlanta. The reality banger chatted with BOSSIP about her life, her latest foray into modeling for Black Men Magazine and drama on the set of LHHATL with her cast-mates.

Bossip: What made you decide to bear it all (them cakes!) for Black Men’s Magazine??

Erica: Honestly, I just wanted to show the world I was more than what meets the eye. I am brains, I work hard and I’m a mother but I also have a body and I’m not ashamed of it. It all came from a place of confidence and showing to everyone that I am more than just a smart businesswoman, but someone who takes care of their body and isn’t afraid to show it off. I look good and I can show it.


What is your relationship with Momma Dee? Will you two ever get along??

First of all, Mommma Dee needs Jesus! Like seriously, she needs Jesus in her life. She can’t love me or anyone else until she develops a relationship with Him first and foremost. She treats her son like her man. She can’t get a man because she treats Scrappy like her boyfriend and it’s sad. If Momma Dee can learn to love Jesus then she can get a man and maybe she’ll be happy with herself.

The crazy thing is she wasn’t like this before. Me and Momma Dee used to party and hang out, now she acts like she hates me. I don’t understand her and I don’t really care. She needs to find God or something.

Erica ain’t done yet! Hit the flip to see what she has to say about Shay as well as if her and Scrappy will ever reunite and get married…


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