Tweets Is Watching: Humpback Hov Makes Rare Attention-Sloring Twitter Appearance To Post “#NewRules”

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Bey and Jay

In between changing s#itty diapers and recording an album, Shawn Carter stopped to tell us how amazing he is…

Although he is a rappin’ a$$ rapper, when it comes to social media, Mr. Camel is a(n) animal man of few words.

However, last night, Jiggaman put his 140 characters to work more than any other time since he joined Twitter back in 2008. Could this be a sign that Hovi Baby is about to enter our world of online shenanigans? Will we be seeing him retweet Rihanna when she posts catty subtweets about Ciara??

Eh, probably not…

Don’t expect any rants about how hard it is to put Blue Ivy to sleep or how Beyoncé’s morning breath is hot enough to cook bacon. Just a little shameless self-promotion, guess even the rich and famous aren’t above that.

Flip it a few times to see what Mr. Carter was chirpin’ about.

Image via Facebook

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