Lisa Raye: “Them Island Ho’s Can’t Do What I Do!!”

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Lisa Raye chats about suggestive pics (uh, that would be above) and her husband turning all hollyweird in this second edition of the two part interview (read the first here):

ESSENCE.COM: There were some suggestive magazine photos that resurfaced which gave the country more ammunition to declare that you weren’t fit to be a First Lady. Did your husband ever defend you?
I’m the First Lady and I knew that I could no longer do those kinds of photo shoots. They were old photographs from a few years ago and I’m an actress, so I know why that magazine chose to run them again. Still, I felt like when Michael asked me if I posed for that magazine he could have shown a bit more support and spoken on my behalf and say, “My wife would not do this.” When he questioned me, I said, “Are you serious? Might this be the same series of the photos and posters you framed and proudly said, “This is my wife?” To not ask me as your wife and accuse me of something like that really hurt. Then people want to say no other First Lady would do this. Well, neither did I because it was done years ago, and quite frankly, the other First Ladies couldn’t pull that off if they wanted to.

ESSENCE.COM: Many have speculated about his interest in you as a wife both personally and professionally. In other words, your Hollywood connections would have proven beneficial to him. Do you agree?
I started the island’s first film festival and used my relationships to help produce and improve the music festival by bringing people I knew to the island. I was also able to cut the budget. It’s funny because all of a sudden he became Hollywood, and I’m thinking, Hold up! Do you want to be the Premier or what? Wait a minute we don’t have to entertain everyone, every second. You are married and the president of this country. Then I have to ask, “What’s going on?”

Lisa Raye surely didn’t think she could pour sticky honey on her round, sweet donk in pictures and just live happily ever after, did she?  How do Bossip folk feel about what this chick had to say?

Oooh…look at that third thumb.  That’s the one that did it.  SMH


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  • Redd Tony

    Gold biatches!

  • Redd Tony


  • Redd Tony


  • Lisa Vee

    Always thought she was a fake biotch.

  • hawtt0pic


  • Roe ski Love -GO STEELERS

    Who in the hell needs to look at Kim K when we have Lisa Rae. My chumpy jumped when I saw this sweet sticky thing. Give me my sisters anyday cause my chumpy dosn’t wake up for snow bunnies. All I can say is DAMN Lisa Rae you got it going on!


    Man!! The shower/bath after that shoot was NOT fun…

  • Raquel29

    She sounds siddity. Pretty face. Pretty body. But she seems like she has the thought process of Sarah Palin.

    Its sad cuz most females are like that. Pretty, but dumb as hell. Maybe if men stop glorifying a womans assets SO MUCH then women wont have to constantly do spreads like this, or similar ones bending over to get attention.

    Hmmm..I wonder what would happen if men glorified a smart, educated, humble woman would women change? And say hey…I am more than my body. I am more than tits and ass. IDK.


    I hate to get the shit on my pinky finger tip…

  • WWOD (What Would Obama Do?)

    Looks like one of them old Ohio Players album covers I used to get my groove on to.

    I think I hear SugaFoot .. AOWwww.

  • Kevin

    I’d be the premier…of dat azz!!!!


    Hi supa fly Nikki. Lisa Raye aint got a thing on you. I’ll be looking for ya on Monday so I can get your congrats on da STEELERS victory!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    At the end of the day it doesnt matter what lisa says, she aint getting that big ass divorce settlement she thinks shes gonna get.

    1. her husband aint that rich.
    2. he’ll be luckiy if he’s still premier by summer.
    3. She’s a C level actress.
    4. She got married in turks n caicos so she has to get divorced there, and do you really think an island judge is gonna give her ass alot of money and property? hell no!

  • J.Boogie

    If she had a married an upright man, then maybe I would have expected a different type of woman,,,but he ain’t all that. If the people of Turks want to dog Lisa out, then they need to tear his tired azz down 1st. Isn’t he being brought up on corruption charges??? puleeze!!!!

  • reese615

    Its6am…you a listing shit in number format ass nigga. Get it how you live, mayne, I ain’t mad.

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