Karma Is A Beyotch: Man Tries To Murk His Wife By Shooting Her In The Face But Ends Up Breaking His Own Neck

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Man Tries To Kill His Wife And Ends Up Breaking His Own Neck

A Florida man who spazzed out on his wife and attempted to murder her got a small taste of his own medicine after he ended up breaking his own neck during the attack.

via Huffington Post

A Florida man allegedly attempted to murder his sleeping wife Friday, but succeeded only in breaking his own neck.

Steven Pinel, 49, allegedly shot his wife in the face at around 11:49 as she slept in their Bradenton home.

The blow, however, “didn’t render her unconscious,” Police Chief Michael Radzilowski told the Bradenton Herald.

Radzilowski said “there was an issue” with the gun and Pinel was unable to keep firing. His wife was able to flee.

Pinel — wearing only underwear — also allegedly fled the scene, according to Dreamin’ Demon. Police say he crashed his vehicle in a ditch, breaking his neck in the process.

This scumbag got EXACTLY what he deserved!


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