Catch This Road Rage Fade: Lawyer Vs Doctor On The Mean Streets Of Cali! [Video]

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A strange case of Los Angeles road rage between two men in business attire was caught on camera. The brawl landed one of the well-dressed men behind bars.

The two men had just gotten off the 405 Freeway at Burbank Boulevard when all of a sudden one of the men, who has made a career out of studying the law, apparently decided to take the law into his own hands.

“I thought maybe they knew each other, but then he hit him,” said Breuer. “You don’t normally see two older guys in ties having a street fight,” said witness Jessica Breuer, who captured the fight on her cellphone camera.

According to Breuer, attorney Randalf Kincaid got out of his car first and hit the driver of a BMW.

“As I’m sitting there, suddenly the person in the car in front of me leaps out of his car, he runs over to the car in the other lane, and the guy opens his door, and the guy who had run out just starts hitting him,” said Breuer.

Breuer said when Kincaid attempted to get into his car and leave the scene during a green light, the bloodied other driver jumped on him, brought him to the ground and tried to keep him in place until authorities arrived.

Other rush hour commuters got out of their cars to help and eventually Kincaid was arrested on battery charges.

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