Subliminal Shade? 7 Lyrics From Yeezus That Sound Like Kanye Is Talking About Kim Kardashian

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Is Yeezus Throwing Shade At Kim Kardashian?

IF you've heard the new album, Yeezus, from a Mr. Kanye West then you'll notice he has quite a few lyrics about unnamed women all throughout. And while most of it is about ladies he'd chop down, there are some lyrics that seem to be about a woman who resembles Kimmy. Take a look at see if this is just in our imaginations or not.
kim-kardashian-kris-humphries-500x315 "Black d**k all in ya spouse again/ And I know she like chocolate men/ she got mo' n***** off than Cochran" - On Sight Well he is chopping down Kris Humphries' wife...who seems to love Black guys. Hmmm...
kim kardashian and kanye west 231212 "I kicked her out, but I got her back in put my d*** in her mouuuuuuuth" - On Sight Remember the rumors of them splitting for a bit?
EXCLUSIVE: Pregnant Kim Kardashian goes for a stroll with Kanye West "You see a Black man with a White woman at the top floor they gon' call him King Kong" - Black Skinhead Pretty self-explanatory.
"Got the kids and the wife life, but can't wake her from the night life" - I'm In It They still hit the scenes while trying to start a family. Is this causing issues?
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West In Paris "Then she sitting court side, wifey on the other side/ gotta keep em separated call that apartheid/ then she got impregnated that's the day your heart died" - Blood On The Leaves Hmmm...this seems hypothetical but you never know.
kim kanye 191012 "Her heart colder than the souls of men/ Loubitons on her toes again/ Tight dress that sit close to him" - Send It Up This sounds like the way he likes to dress Kimmy doesn't it?
coupled-up-kimmy-cakes-and-kanye-spotted-shopping-for-baby-kimye "What you doing in the club on a Thursday?" - Bound 2 It REALLY sounds like Yeezy isn't a fan of Kim's party life. Don't you think?
1357138206_kim-kardashian-kanye-west-lg "Maybe we can make it to the church steps, but first you gon' remember how to forget" - Bound 2 Maybe Yeezy is trying to tell Kim to overlook some of his indiscretions...he's overlooking hers isn't he?

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