Reality Check: 9 Artists Who Use To Make Good Music, But Suck Now

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1349770913_shyne As fans we always want artists to stay true to themselves. However, some artists cave under pressure from their record company to put out crappy music that sells, but has no substance. Here are 9 artists who use to make great music, but suck azz now.
NICKI_MINAJ_PAPER_2-460x430 Nicki Minaj Nicki use to make that hardcore, aggressive music that made us go...this beyotch is ready to take Lil' Kim's place. Now, she sounds like pop gone wrong.
jay-z-beyonce-brooklyn-nets-game-barclays-07-christal_rock Beyonce "Grown Woman" and "Bow Down Beyotches" are horrible. Beyonce sounds like she is trying to be something she is not. Leave the rachet songs to Ri Ri and just focus on being great.
featured 2 chainz 2 Chainz 2 Chainz did great in that BET cypher and use to be the isht when he was Tity Boi with Playaz Circle. "That's that salad dressing. I'm on my Thousand Islands." We want lyrics like that again.
jay-z-suit Jay-Z Jay-Z's music sucks azz. Jay use to be grimy, but then he started going after those white folks' money and turned pop.
50_cent_stracy 50 Cent We want the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' days back. 50 use to have substance in his raps. Now all he has is Vitamin Water and CD's he can use as coasters.
lil_wayne Lil' Wayne Dude what the phuck are you doing? You're making pop hits with that Barbie Doll on crack. Give us "Lollipop"... something besides the bullisht you have been putting out.
shyne1 Shyne Shyne, back in the day you was the man homie...what the phuck happened to you? That "Solar Energy" track was garbage and Gangland was alright. Gives us classics Shyne...we're waiting.
J.Lo Casper J.Lo We remember when J.Lo had hit after hit. She had the number 1 album and movie at the same damn time. Her music lacks that passion and edge it once had. American Idol didn't save her career.
Rihanna1 Rihanna Someone needs to bust Rihanna upside the head and tell her to stop making that horrible music. We want that masterpiece Good Girl Gone Bad again. Rihanna could give us so much more, but she is too busy partying and throwing up to give an isht.

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