Wait, WHAT? 10 Rapper Kids With CRAZY Names

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Celebs sweeeear they’re “normal” just like you then name their kids after planets, wild animals and colorful plantlife. Aside from the wealth, flashing lights and privilege there are like us but not really because regular people can’t name their kids anything on this list.

Here are ten rappers’ kids with crazy names. Take a look.


North West, daughter of Yeezy and Kimmy K.

No one believed they would actually name their swirly princess after a direction but they (reportedly) did in a hilarious WTF-moment. Honestly, Easton West > North West.


Blue Ivy, daughter of Camel and Bey Bey

Hov and Bey lug Blue around like sacks of laundry because naming her “Blue Ivy” wasn’t enough punishment for the grown 1-year-old. That’s probably why she never smiles in photos.


Mars Merkaba, daughter of Jay Electronica and Erykah Badu

They named their precious preciousness after the red planet in the solar system. There’s really no good way to explain this to her when she gets older (or anyone else).


Messiah Ya’Majesty, son of T.I. Huxtable and Tiny

Major, Messiah and Clifford-King? Rappers love naming their kids after royalty, Heavenly beings or chess pieces.

Photo credit: Vh1


Cymphonique Miller, daughter of Master P and Sonya

Cymphonique. Like…Chlamydia with a splash of symphony and unique, but not really.


King Coy Deel, son of DMX and Tashera

Dark Man X’s young pup (who he says is JUST like him) is named “King Coy Deel” for reasons only an aggressive crackie who barks at the moon would know.


Puma, daughter of D.O.C. and Erykah Badu

A puma is a majestic mountain lion. So yea, D.O.C. and Erykah Badu named their daughter after mountain-dwelling wildlife.

Photo credit: Instagram


Rocket, son of Pharrell and Helen

Pharrell named his son “Rocket Man Williams” after Elton John’s classic record “Rocket Man.” Yes, first name Rocket, middle name Man. Rocket-Man. But, seriously, WHY?

VIBE Music Festival - Day 2

Seven Sirius Benjamin, son of 3 Stacks and Erykah Badu

Ms. Badu has three kids named after a prime number, red planet and mountain beast by three different rappers. We can’t make this up.

Photo credit: Instagram


Cali Dream, daughter of The Game and Tiff

The bi-polar rapper from Compton with “LA” tatted on his face in 25-point Casey font named his daughter “Cali Dream.” Of course he did.

Photo credit: VH1


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