Random Ridiculousness: Man Throws A/C, Canned Goods, Pots & Pans, Etc. Out Window At Cops – Then Threatens To Murk Ex-Girlfriend

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Man Throws Household Items Out Window At Cops, Threatens To Kill Ex

Meet Devin Robinson. Devin here thought it was a great idea to throw a baker’s rack and all kinds of random household items out the window at one-time. Devin also set booby traps and threaten to kill his ex-girlfriend…

Via News 8:

A 40-year-old man was arrested after an hours long stand-off where he hurled household items at Bridgeport police on Wednesday night. Police say the stand began at 6:50 PM at 227 Edna Avenue when Devin Robinson locked and barricaded the front and back doors of the apartment, after telling his ex-girlfriend he came to retrieve his belongings. She told police she let him in the house because he appeared to be amicable but then the situation escalated into a fight. When she went down to answer the doorbell, that’s when he barricaded himself. Before police arrived, he also threatened her life.

When police surrounded the house, a shirtless Robinson climbed out of the third floor window, cursed at police, made obscene gestures, and intimated he had a gun. While crisis negotiated tried working with him, Robinson continued to curse and make belligerent comments. He then began hurling objects like an air conditioner, canned food, furniture, pots and pans, a baker’s rack, and a gaming system out of the window at officers.

Police say Robinson also told them that if he was arrested, he would kill his ex-girlfriend after he made bond. Police were able to eventually make entry in the apartment and arrest Robinson after a brief struggle. Police also found a booby trap that apparently was placed above a door and designed to injure officers who entered.

This sounds like pure comedy.

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