Waffle-Colored Weirdo: Drake’s Most Infamous Cornball Moments

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2012 NBA All-Star Game Aubrey is the most slandered rap star of his era who seems to have embraced his inner-cornball and built a massive fanbase. Known more for his epic simpdom and cornballery than music, he’s a hilarious internet meme waiting to happen. Chris Bosh of Hip-Hop? Many believe so. Here are Drizzy Drake’s eight most infamous cornball moments. Take a look.
ifwt_drake-denied-4 Denied access to Heat locker room after Championship win “How could LeBron—my friend, text buddy and favorite player—let this happen to me? ” – Drake with tear-filled eyes and a broken heart as he moped away from locker room. (See full video here)
Beyonce-main_620_1675340a Serving Hov & Bey drinks at the All-Star game Look at this cream of wheat-colored simping. Just look at him.
top3 Infamous leather DaDa outfit The day Twitter put Drake’s Fredro Starrian Dada short set on the Summer Jam screen may be the single greatest moment in Twitter history. photo Burning question that needs answers: WHY would he set himself up like this?
tumblr_mmcm32waU61sn0r88o1_500 “Started From The Bottom” Drizzy-bop At some point, Aubrey embraced his light-bright Canadian corny and Drizzy-bopped all through this oddly-funny video that only he could make.
drake-hyfr-video Drizzy Bar Mitzvah in “HYFR” video This memorable video was hilarious for all the wrong reasons and solidified his cornball mulatto status.
chrisbrown-drake-song-holding Drizzy’s petty instigation of club brawl with Chris Brown What grown man sends another grown man a letter in the club that reads “I’m fawking the love of your life?” Drake does, and would’ve sent it via white carrier dove if that were an option.
Drake Take Care Drake “Practice” off the "Take Care" album Remix classic twerk anthem “Back That Thang Up” into heartfelt toenail-painting music? Why would ANY rapper do this?
Drake-Rosie That awkward moment when… Rosie O’Donnell & Drizzy Edition. First, this. 1 Then, this. 2 Followed by, this. 3 And, finally, this. 4 Photo credit: Twitter

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