For The Stans: Beyonce Jelly-Game for Christmas???

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We thought Beyonce just had had a very fake, shallow, and vapid personality. We didn’t know her Jelly game was also suspect. Here is the Jellied-up singer recently performing in China.


For all those stans out there, hit up Ebay and cop you some Jelly for $14.99. Some people in the know are using Beyonce to market their pad game.


  • babygirl


  • Bankable P

    ROTFLMAO!!!! So that’s where it came from! LOL!! I thought she did pilates or something (not sure if i spelled that right). So when guys in the club are feeling on a females ass, they might not be feeling on the REAL thing! LMAO!!!

  • Nikki

    Yall need to stop damn

  • Nickey

    Did anyone think that butt was real? I thought people already knew about the butt pads! I wonder what she really looks like with no wig, no makeup, no pads. Actually I don’t think I want to know.

  • babygirl

    I’m not suprised either.

    I think they all do it.

  • nahnah


  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive?

    So! Women do it all the time going out. I however don’t need to :) B looks pretty.

    [looks again]

    OOOOOh I thought that was a push up bra!!!!!!

    OH LAWD! ummmm….. yeah, you can do that too. Hey her butt mucles are gone from touring……yeah…that’s it.

  • Marquella


  • Nickey

    @ babygirl

    Yeah they all do. Did you see that picture of Rihanna in that green dress? No way her butt is that big.

  • Brittany L.

    I don’t see the fake butt on her. To me it looks like her own butt hangin out.

  • leave it be

    i agree brittany

  • OneTightSista

    I have to say that I think she has on natural or nude colored drawz, but I dont see no butt pad. Leave that girl alone. Im usually right on the criticism bandwagon if its due, but y’all are reaching now.

  • Mary J Blige

    this is Stanery to another level. now we saying her butt is fake? LOL!But her pale make-up and Medusa hair combination are really starting to freak me out now. i want the old flawless Beyonce,not this HAM

  • tatas 4 life

    beyonce is built like her mother she just trying to keep that fat in check

  • nahnah


    If you take a look at Rihanna’s the pic again, you’ll see the lump of the butt pads.

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