For The Love Of The Sticky Icky: 9 Celebrities Known For Their Piff-Puffin’ Ways

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snoop dogg pot These days everyone is piff puffin' on something to get phucked up. Celebrities are no exception. Here are 9 celebrities known for their love of the sticky icky.
wiz and amber Wiz Khalifa Wiz, got so high he knocked up Amber Rose's sloppy box. Must have been a mean smoke session or hoes just stay winning.
lil-wayne-smoking-drinking Lil' Wayne This ninja not only smokes that sticky icky, but drinks that sizzurp too. If this phucker isn't careful he's going to end up face down in the tub, naked and butt phucked by some random drug addict.
rihanna 2 Rihanna Rihanna is going to smoke her knee caps off. Got damn.
rick-ross-summer-jam Rick Ross This fat phuck is on something. Do ya'll remember him having all those mysterious seizures? He's trying to pull a Lil' Wayne, but he's not as talented.
e8714b53-ef27-4a54-a7b9-8a4335132d59_Justin-Bieber-fight-lashes-out-paparazzi-london-photographer Justin Bieber Bieber tried to upload a video on Instagram, but kept laughing like he had just got done blazing up.
snoop-dogg-david-beckham Snoop Lion Snoop's smoke sessions are legendary.... he even got Diane Warren high.
Miley Cyrus Twerk Team Miley Cyrus She almost admitted to it in an interview, but we recognize a piff-puffer when we see one. The awkward twerking gave her away.
b real B. Real We think B. Real and Rihanna are going for a world record.
amanda-bynes-arrest-court- Amanda Bynes She tried to throw the bong out the window but it didn't work. Clearly, baby girl has a small drug store in her house.

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