Before They Were Famous: Early Jobs Of Today’s Biggest Stars

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beyonce+mathew+olden+days Before the riches and fame, most celebs worked dead-end jobs and scraped together pennies to make ends meet like millions of Americans in job-scarce America. Mostly lucky, celebs often get their big break while working jobs they absolutely hate. Here are fifteen celebs and their jobs before fame. Take a look.
big6 Notorious B.I.G. Biggie’s classic line “Don’t be mad, UPS is hiring” was inspired by him quitting UPS to chase his rap dreams. Yes, Biggie really rocked the poo-brown jumpsuit and delivered packages for UPS. Hilarious.
tina-bey-knowles Beyonce Bey Bey worked at Mama Tina’s hair salon in Houston and swept up hair.
kanye20 Kanye Yeezy was a sales assistant at the Gap who definitely dressed the mannequins.
5605231_f520 Kim Kardashian Kimmy…work? Never.
officer-rick-ross1 Rick Ross The greatest liar in rap history made $25,794.34/year as a corrections officer ($12,897 per ashy boob) before stealing another man’s identity and waddling to stardom.
523997_10101571096671496_2141924590_n Channing Tatum The panty-melting actor was a real-life “Magic Mike” before being discovered, polished and dangled in movies to millions of women.
eve-pr-spin-machine Eve E-V-E popped it for cash before joining the Ruff Ryders and boarding Stevie J’s megabus.
jennifer_hudson Jennifer Hudson Imagine J-Hud singing while salting fries and flipping burgers at Burger King? Well, she did, before quitting to chase her dreams.
plies Plies Quite possibly the biggest fraud in rap history, Plies earned a nursing degree while attending U. of Central Florida/Miami (OH) on scholarship and spent time at Mayfield hospital.
jcole J. Cole Young Jermaine was a bill collector who probably stalked and harassed future fans before signing to Roc Nation.
1034 Diddy The filthy rich mogul scrubbed toilets at Mexican restaurant El Torito before fetching coffee (and hopefully cheesecake) as an Uptown Records intern.
Image_430358_kzzjoj1bnzahymej54nm3gbbjc Nicki Minaj The insanely-annoying rap muppet worked at Red Lobster, a telemarketing company and several other random jobs that she was fired from before her big break. Photo credit: Instagram
trick-daddy6 Trick Daddy T-Double D pulled hood pigeons out of fitteds as a magician at kids’ birthday parties before his rap stardom. He really does love the kids.
mariahcareyyoung-e1297795528355 Mariah Carey Mimi was everything from a waitress, club coat check girl to beauty salon hair sweeper who shared a one bedroom studio in Manhattan with four roommates. 36 Grammy nominations later, she’s a music icon.
oprah-90s-hair Oprah Mother O broke into the industry at 17 when a local Tennessee radio station hired her to do the news part-time.

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